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The Tights are a great addition to the Long Sleeve T-shirt to create a snugness that allows a great nights sleep. The tights are produced from a heavy weight cotton lycra that really enables your child to experience ‘Deep Touch Pressure‘ from the lower torso, thighs and down the legs.

The Tights are produced with the seams sewn externally then sewn down. The content label is attached to the outside of the garment to be removed by the purchaser. The size is printed on the side.

Use the following table to measure your child's size

Size Waist (cm) Hip (cm) Length (cm)
2 45 47 38.5
3 46.5 51 48
4 48 55 56
6 51 59 64
8 54 63 72
10 58 68 79
12 62 72 85
14 66 76 91